Our Services

We specialize in marketing properties with hard to obtain licenses, including nightclubs, lounges, sports bars, restaurants, liquor stores and adult entertainment related businesses.

services-1Buying a business with an alcoholic beverage license is complicated.  There are rules and regulations affecting the transfer of a license, and applications and fees and other requirements to successfully become a licensee.  As a buyer, you certainly don’t want an interruption in business because of a delay in acquiring all of the essential licenses.

We can help.  We can assist with these applications, both at the state, county and municipal levels.  We know what documentation is necessary from the seller and what approvals are required from the various governmental agencies. The County Health Departments regulate businesses that serve alcohol for consumption on the premises if there is no food preparation. The State Division of Hotels & Restaurants regulates businesses that serve food prepared on the premises as well as alcohol.  The application for the liquor license requires an approval from one of these agencies.  The application for the COP license requires an approval from one of these agencies.

There are generally transfer fees associated with the change of ownership of a liquor license.  We know how to compute these fees and what information the seller must provide.

Business Tax Receipts, formerly known as occupational licenses, are obligatory, generally from both the municipality and the county in which your business is located.  We can help in obtaining these for you.

We will work with you, your accountant and your attorney to facilitate a seamless transfer of ownership.  Our experience works for us, and we will work for you.